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Finance and Banking
Solution on Exploiting and Reporting Customer Credit Information


Solution for a direct connection between banks, finance companies with the State Bank's CIC center, building customized inquiry products, shortening the time for inquiry and reducing companies' time to make decisions.


Time for inquiry


Expenses and resources of credit institutions


Efficiency in the use of CIC database

    • ​Customer's CIC credit information is stored centrally.
    • Managing, exploiting and using CIC database effectively.
    • Saving time, expenses, resources and minimizing operational risks as well as easily managing and monitoring the expenses of inquiry.
    • Diversifying exploitation information products according to the needs of credit institutions.
    • ​Minimizing human intervention in the process of querying and extracting information.
    • Supporting credit institutions in storing and administering centralized data of credit information at the head office, serving different purposes.

​Inquiring CIC information:

  • Submitting inquiries about product information to the National credit information system.

Getting answers from CIC:

  • Receiving credit information results from CIC, extracting data and storing CIC information.

Looking up CIC information:

  • Supporting for looking up CIC information that has been synchronized from CIC.

Operation history:

  • Managing the inquiry and feedback of information from CIC.


  • Providing reports on product information, statistical reports on the number of bulletins asked and answered and reporting to CIC.