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Leading multi-sector conglomerate

TNG Holdings Vietnam is one of the leading multi-sector conglomerates in Vietnam today. Joining the Vietnamese market in1996 in the field of management and development of industrial parks, TNG Holdings Vietnam has expanded into many different areas with a wide range of activities around the country for 27 years of establishment and development. Up to now, TNG Holdings Vietnam is known as one of the leading economic conglomerates with more than 3,000 employees, operating in many areas, including Real Estate Management, Trading & Development; Real Estate Lease; Trading and Services; Hotels and Resorts; Energy; Agriculture; Finance and Banking.



For A More Utility & Convenient Life


Becoming an efficient conglomerate by providing optimal integrated solutions for customers, creating better values for society.

With the mindset of overcoming all challenges to succeed, TNG Holdings Vietnam has constantly grown and become a multi-sector conglomerate and its mission is “For A More Utility & Convenient Life.”

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We are proud of the corporate culture that is instilled in each employee around our 3 core values
Leaders and employees of TNG Holdings Vietnam must be responsible for their work, working as efficiently as possible. Each individual must find the cause of every problem and always come up with a solution.
Leaders and employees of TNG Holdings Vietnam adhere to the working principles and comply with ethical standards, integrity and honesty in every word and action, in all transactions and contracts with customers and partners.
TNG Holdings Vietnam always gives prominence to efficiency in all its work, the quality of its products and services.