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TNS Holdings is proud to become the National Brand of 2022

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TNS Holdings Trading and Service Joint Stock Company (TN1) is honored to be named among 172 enterprises achieving National Brand 2022.

The announcement ceremony of the Vietnam National Brand 2022 was organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade on November 2, 2022, at the National Convention Center (Hanoi) with the theme "Creating the future". Launched in 2003, the Government's specific and long-term trade promotion program aims to build nation​al brands through product brands. The core value of Vietnam National Brand is Quality - Innovation; Creation; Pioneering capacity. Businesses can comprehensively evaluate their activities, production/business results and branding strategies through the program's criteria system.

The announcement ceremony of the Vietnam National Brand 2022.


The National Brand Selection period attracted more than 1,000 businesses from many industries. After 9 months of selection, the Ministry of Industry and Trade officially honored 172 enterprises with a total of 325 products achieving National Brand 2022. TNS Holdings ranked 66th out of 172 enterprises that met the program's criteria system with the TNS Property Management Services product.

TNS Property Management Service was awarded National Brand Product in 2022


Becoming a National Brand affirms TNS Holdings' position in the real estate management service industry. After a decade of establishment and development, TNS Holdings always strives to provide the market with quality products and services from the heart. The company is also a pioneer in innovation, applying technology to improve customer experience. The core values of the National Brand are Quality - Innovation; Creation; Pioneering capabilities are also values that TNS Holdings pursues and wants to spread.

A representative of TNS Holdings shared: “TNS Holdings is very honored to become the Vietnam National Brand in 2022. In the context of the market facing many difficulties, TNS Holdings still affirms its leading position in the field of operation, maintaining high growth rates in both profit and revenue. Becoming a national brand is a great motivation for TNS Holdings Vietnam to constantly innovate, create and improve service quality, and contribute to promote the growth of Vietnam Brand value.

TNS Holdings is a member of TNG Holdings Vietnam and the first company of the Group listed on HOSE. TNS Holdings provides a full service package with operation and management solutions throughout its member units: TNPM - Real estate operation management service; TNTech - Information technology services; TNTalent - Human Resource Management Service and Manpro - Project Management.

Up to now, TNS Holdings has been managing more than 50 projects including apartment buildings, commercial centers, industrial parks and office zones with a total charter capital of up to VND 233 billion.​

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