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What's Inside Asia's Leading Lifestyle Hotel Brand?

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More than a stopover on a​ travel or business journey, SOJO Hotels honorably offer guests a unique and unprecedented experience.

Last August, Vietnamese tourism was proud to be honored in different categories of the World Travel Awards (WTA)—the award which is likened to the "Oscar of the world tourism industry." Notably, in the hotel category, SOJO Hotels was honored as "Asia's Leading Lifestyle Hotel Brand." This is the second time in a row that Vietnam's first convenient hotel chain has won this prestigious award.

SOJO Hotels has been named Asia's Most Stylish Hotel Brand for the second year in a row at the World Travel Awards.

Why can SOJO Hotels surpass big international names such as InterContinental Hotels & Resorts, Pan Pacific Hotels and Resorts, Westin Hotels & Resorts to be the winner? What is the "lifestyle" essence that helps SOJO Hotels affirm its leading position? What are the unique and intriguing experiences offered by "Asia's Leading Lifestyle Hotel Brand"?

To answer those questions, nothing is more straightforward and persuasive than installing the SOJO Hotels App and reserving an adventure right now, or we can find out the incredibly appealing elements of SOJO Hotels in this article.

JO247 Lounge – the “heart" of SOJO Hotels

​First, it is impossible not to mention JO247 Lounge, which is likened to the heart of SOJO Hotels and also the pride of the founders. “There are only a few hotels that create a multi-purpose lounge model, but I can proudly affirm that SOJO Hotels' JO247 Lounge is the most invested and creative," shared Mr. Nguyen Ba Luan, General Director of SOJO Hotels.

JO247 Lounge has a combination of a restaurant, a hotel lobby, a modern co-working space, and a relaxing bar. The vibrant space here will be a great catalyst for dating or uninterrupted conversations thanks to the 24/24 service.

Young people who come to JO247 Lounge always feel excited by its unique design, both modern and full of local imprints: It is the story of a century-old train station with carriages at SOJO Hotel Ga Hanoi; or the image of the sea with waves and anchors at SOJO Hotel Ha Long; or the western river at SOJO Hotel Hau Giang, and so on.

Each SOJO hotel has its own local imprint, combined with modern architecture and full of personality.

"Social media enthusiasts" who visit JO247 Lounge often love taking check-in pictures. Nevertheless, the most fascinating thing is the gaming area with various types of games, from Mandarin Square Capturing, Le Passe-Trappe, to foosball, the wooden tower game, darts, etc. This place is also suitable for those who need to have a group meeting or are searching for a separate workspace. When you're hungry, you can comfortably self-serve basic dishes in the open kitchen.

JO247 Lounge arranges a game zone with intriguing games.

Interesting touches

Back to the itinerary of staying at SOJO Hotels: to save time and avoid inconvenience, the hotel applies the “silent-check-in". Accordingly, you can actively check-in and enter the room without going through any formalities. In the room, amenities are integrated into the app, including adjusting the air conditioner, pulling the curtains, turning on the TV, ordering food and drinks served by the hotel, to name a few. What's more, the central controller from the SOJO Hotels app allows customization of the room mode into a movie theater, a relaxing space, or a jubilant music room depending on your emotions.

A special thing is that every room at SOJO Hotels always has panoramic windows with a full view. From here, you can easily enjoy the scenery as well as the daily life of the local people. This is something that only a few city hotels can offer.

With a wide open view, visitors can connect with the local space through the panoramic window.

If you travel or work alone at SOJO Hotels, you will never feel lonely, but rather familiar with "small but efficient" interactions.  The first is the greeting "JO A., welcome to the JO community" on the TV screen as soon as you open the door, or the words " Wash first or shower first, that's the problem" on the bathroom accessory set or a hair dryer bag with a gentle reminder "Waves start from the wind, the wind starts from here," etc.

The human-being "touch points" are a few but "awesome", invested in by SOJO Hotels with the GURU multi-function employee model. They can be bartenders, chefs, receptionists, etc. Sometimes, GURUs are local guides who share experiences and interesting things in each locality or are ready to be your confidant to share everything with you.

SOJO Hotels' development is based on the "customer-centered" philosophy and always focuses on customer experience improvement.

Officially put into operation at the end of 2020, SOJO Hotels is a pioneering hotel model shaping the Vietnamese hotel market. With a customer-centered strategy, SOJO Hotels focuses on researching "satisfactory" experiences and aims to become the first choice of accommodation for global citizens when coming to Vietnam.