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SOJO Hotels and its "hat-trick" feat as an Asian lifestyle hotel brand

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Gathering all unique features, SOJO Hotels has created a distinctive and suitable accommodation style as proven through its "Asia's Leading Lifestyle Hotel Brand" title earned three consecutive times at the World Travel Awards, affirming SOJO Hotels' outstanding mark in the hearts of guests. 

Unique qualities create a new accommodation style

After nearly four years of operation with 11 hotels and about 2,000 rooms, SOJO Hotels has offered its guests colorful stay experiences on their exciting journey.b

Recognizing and delving into the needs of the modern, open, and adventurous generation of guests, SOJO Hotels determined its focus on building experiences that serve the needs of lifestyle expression and emotional connection.


JO247 Lounge offers stylish experiences.


By coming to SOJO Hotels, guests are welcomed by a stylish experience space, with the multifunctional JO247 Lounge serving as a lounge and a stylish co-working area alongside a shimmering bar, a local kitchen, and an exciting game zone. 

Bedrooms with large windows giving fine views are characteristic of SOJO Hotels.


Notably, bedrooms with windows giving fine views, soft pillows and mattresses, and emotional experiences are featured at SOJO Hotels. Here, all the functions are meticulously calculated and fit to provide guests with relaxation on the king-size bed and the highest-quality bedding after a long day of travel and business. 

What's more, if you need to spice up your emotions, the vibrant "party" mode with a bright color light system and music is always ready to activate. Temperature, lighting, and curtains can also change depending on the scenario and the customer's mood.

Moreover, surprises are in every little corner for guests to explore. For example, a watch with the word “Now" encourages everyone to appreciate the present moment, or a pen with the words "JO, ideas should not be left lying around" neatly placed next to a file of paper on the edge of the bed.

JO is the ​name that SOJO Hotels has for its loyal customers.


In the "private world" introduced by SOJO Hotels, guests are called by the special name, "JO". In every small corner, guests can easily recognize the friendly words "Hey, JO." Not only guests are called by their first names, but the multi-tasking staff at SOJO Hotels are also called by an equally interesting name: Guru (which means "master" in Sanskrit). The GURUs not only support guests' check-in and check-out, serve food and drinks, provide consulting services, etc. but are also a special connection point during the journey at SOJO Hotels. 

The name SOJO Hotels is derived from the word 'Sojourn', meaning all in one journey. And the aspiration embraced by this hotel brand is to help make every moment of its guests' experience more memorable than ever.  

Harmonize with the technological life of modern young people

To bring convenience to guests on their exploration journey, SOJO Hotels has pioneered the construction of a smart hotel model in the city, targeting the 4-star hotel segment. Here, guests can enjoy seamlessly countless experiences, from the first touch to the last check-out step. 

SOJO Hotels also adds "spice" to the hotel room reservation experience on the familiar application and website by offering guests the option to self-check-in, choose the room they like without asking the receptionist, and confirm their identity by FaceID. Through this process, an e-key will be issued to allow guest to unlock their rooms (and all functional areas within the hotel) right on the app without worrying about falling or losing the room key card. Moreover, check-in at this hotel can be done remotely up to 48 hours before the expected check-in date and guests can also check out right on the app. 

In the room, guests can freely adjust the sound system, lighting, and room temperature or experience the color-changing shower cabin right on the SOJO Hotels app.


A laundry room combines pers​onal lockers at SOJO Hotels to provide “convenient" service for long stays.


Furthermore, other amenities at SOJO Hotels include a laundry room, a luggage storage facility, and a gym, all of which use smart devices to operate and open with a room card or smartphone app.

SOJO Hotels' smart hotel model helps guests stay in tune with technology in provinces and cities where accommodation and hotel services have not received much investment, helping the brand leave a distinct impression on its guests. 

Annie Nguyen, a guest staying at Sojo Hotel Hau Giang, shared, "It's a great experience with Hotel 4.0. The hotel design is impressive right from the lobby, which is a beautifully decorated open space with many functional subdivisions. We have enjoyed our stay in a comfortable, clean room with a beautiful interior. Food and drink are also delicious, not to mention add-on services that no hotel in the Western region has." 

Flaunting its signature style with stunning elements, it is not surprising that SOJO Hotels was honored by the "Oscar of the Tourism and Hospitality Industry" for the third consecutive time as "Asia's Leading Lifestyle Hotel Brand."  

Currently, SOJO Hotels has launched 11 hotels in Hanoi, Thai Binh, Nam Dinh, Hoa Binh, Viet Tri (Phu Tho), Ha Long (Quang Ninh), Lang Son, Vi Thanh (Hau Giang), Lao Cai, and Buon Ma Thuot (Dak Lak). This hotel brand is expected to continue its 12th hotel launch in Can Tho later this year. ​​