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For every Vietnamese in general, May 19 is the birthday of Vietnam’s beloved President Ho Chi Minh. For each staff member of TNG Holdings Vietnam, May 19 brings double joy because it is the Group’s Traditional Festival.

Exactly 25 years ago, on May 19, 1996, Nam Thang Shoe Factory under Nam Thang Joint Stock Company, the first predecessor of TNG Holdings Vietnam was officially opened. The very special thing is that after more than two decades of development with many changes in business strategy, business areas, etc., there are many employees who have worked for TNG Holdings Vietnam since then. Many of them are holding senior leadership positions in the Group.


Reminiscing about old memories, many staff members express their strong belief in the strategic direction of the leaders, sincere love for the previous old members and see this as a source of motivation for self-development

With solidarity and consensus, TNG Holdings Vietnam has contributed significantly to the goal of building a mighty Vietnam by attracting more than 500 domestic and foreign investors from 22 countries and territories; developing more than 300 real estate projects nationwide, bringing more than 200,000 comfortable and modern apartments for people; creating jobs for more than 14,000 people; and contributing more than VND 10,500 billion to the State Budget. TNG Holdings Vietnam is also the pioneer to market 500 smart rooms in the “SOJO Hotels” convenient hotel chain, aiming at the goal of 10,000 rooms nationwide as a strategy to promote a new future for the hotel service industry in Vietnam. 

After a quarter of a century, TNG Holdings Vietnam has made efforts and received the love and sharing through its elite staff members, products, culture and tradition.

Proud of a journey of 25 years of development, TNG Holdings Vietnam always strives to reach new heights!