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TNR Stars Dong Hoi project officially launched in Quang Binh

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On September 24, the launching ceremony of the TNR Stars Dong Hoi project took place at the Muong Thanh Luxury Quang Binh hotel. More than 600 people attended the event, where they learned a lot about the project and listened to experts analyze the local real estate market.

Priceless sharing at the event

The congratulatory performance and the launching ceremony of the TNR Stars Dong Hoi project drew a large number of customers and investors. The organizer brought a lot of valuable information and splendid performances that combined music, lighting, and cutting-edge interactive LED technology.


Viewers have been treated to eye-catching renditions thanks to the combination of light, music, and more...

The event, themed "Essential Imprint-Worthy Legend," recreated the impressive development journey as well as the potential waiting to be discovered in the Quang Binh real estate market. Here, TNR Holdings Vietnam Real Estate Development and Investment Joint Stock Company (TNR Holdings Vietnam)—the management and development unit of the TNR Stars Dong Hoi project—spoke about the process of creating projects throughout the country as well as the secret to building trust with customers and partners.

The event captures the rapt attention of residents and investors in Dong Hoi City.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Do Manh Dung -Deputy General Director of TNR Holdings Vietnam - emphasized, "Taking the goal of creating convenient and beneficial value for customers as the core value, over the years, TNR Holdings Vietnam has pioneered in exploring many real estate markets across the country. We develop urban areas with new living standards, providing residents in urban areas with an ideal living environment with good values."

Mr. Do Manh Dung, Deputy General Director of TNR Holdings Vietnam, gave a speech.

At the event, visitors and investors also had the opportunity to listen to analyses from tourism economic experts in Quang Binh province.

Dr. Tran Tu Luc, Dean of the Faculty of Economics-Tourism, Quang Binh University, stated, "Blessed with world-famous natural wonders, Quang Binh identifies tourism as a key economic sector of the province in the future. Quang Binh province's investment promotion activities are focused on transforming Dong Hoi into a modern tourist city in the central region, similar to Da Nang and Nha Trang."

Dr. Tran Tu Luc, Dean of the Faculty of Economics-Tourism, Quang Binh University, spoke at the event.

Dr. Luc also said that, with the determination of the People's Committee of Quang Binh province, Dong Hoi city would have significant breakthroughs in the coming time. And the presence of high-class urban areas such as TNR Stars Dong Hoi will contribute to creating resilience for the locality.

The attraction of TNR Stars Dong Hoi

TNR Stars Dong Hoi is located in a prime location on Ly Thuong Kiet Boulevard, the most important arterial road in Dong Hoi City. The project's location allows for easy access to key city locations such as Dong Hoi International Airport, the city administrative center, hospitals, Quang Binh University, Nhat Le beach, etc.

The TNR Stars Dong Hoi project owns the location of the ​center of urban cluster planning in the north of Dong Hoi.

Having a prime location in the center of the commercial-service-tourist urban cluster development planning in the north of the city, TNR Stars Dong Hoi is invested in methodical planning with outstanding amenity systems such as Thien Loc cultural park, Thien Quy sports park, 9-story commercial center, international preschool, etc. to perfectly satisfy customers' needs such as stay, lease, or business operation and development of services, trade, and tourism.

The Symphony River Villas — a limited-edition villa product line — was introduced at the event.

At the event, TNR Holdings Vietnam introduced the "precious" product fund that has received keen attention from customers in recent years: The Symphony River Villas limited edition. The Symphony Villas have been refined in every design line to create a perfect whole. The design of the main gate gives off a grand impression, while the dome has a neoclassical molding pattern. The system of fences and railings gently mingles with delicate gold-leaf and floral motifs. Exclusive villas are aimed at discerning residents who are looking for timeless luxury.

With the outstanding advantage of location and the ability to anticipate the development of service and tourism planning in Dong Hoi city in the future, TNR Stars Dong Hoi in general, and The Symphony River Villas in particular, have been "sought-after" by numerous customers and experienced investors. ​​