Member companies of TNG Holdings Vietnam

Supported by consistent and stable business strategies, through more than 20 years of development, TNG Holdings Vietnam is becoming to be one of the leading corporations in Vietnam and dertermining its positions in various business activities.

  • TNR Holding Vietnam Real Estate Investment and Development Join Stock Company
  • TNI Holding Vietnam Investment Development Join Stock Company (former VID Group)
  • TNL Leasing Property and Investment Join Stock Company
  • TNH Hotels & Resorts Management and Investment Company Limited
  • TNS Trading and Service Join Stock Company
  • TNC Holdings Join Stock Company
  • TNT Trading and Commerical Investment Company Limited
  • TNP Construction Project and  Consultanery Management Join Stock Company
  • M-Talent Human Resources Management Join Stock Company
  • Mercury One Service Technology Join Stock Company
Thương hiệu thuộc TNG Holdings Vietnam